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Wheel size tyre analysis


The has been a lot of speculation on this Internet regarding the cause. Many commenting on this issue say that it is normal, or only super sports models or AMG models are affected. We have performed an affected wheel size tyre analysis based upon those who filled out the survey. And when you look across the various online communities it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in short; all wheel sizes are affected.

The first part in this series can be found here


The main purpose of setting up this site was to collect some data from owners that are affected by this issue. The method employed is an online survey which can only be completed by those owners who are verified Mercedes owners. As part of the submission is a signed declaration that they have the ‘crabbing’ issue.

At the date of creation of this post, there has been a 46% response rate from registered owners. The graphics used in this post will be continuously updated as they are generated using live access to the data.

If you are an owner, and encountering this issue, please do fill out the survey to contribute to the results of the affected model analysis. You can find the link here:


Wheel diameter

The affected wheel diameter analysis focussed on the wheel size of the cars. Many comments across the Internet suggest it is because these vehicles have wheels that are too big, and tyre walls that are too low. The analysis of the data provided by owners suggest that the crabbing issue is indiscriminate of the wheel diameter.

Tyre manufacturer

Another comment we have often heard is that we must have so and so tyres as they always do this. I think the chart quite clearly demonstrates that this does not relate to one particular tyre manufacturer.

Tyre seasonality

The idea behind this question was to see whether the seasonality of the tyre makes a difference. As they all are supplied on summer tyres it didn’t really get much useful response. What is interesting to note is that there is a response of All Season Tyres also being affected. Considering the allegedly leaked release from Mercedes this could be quite concerning. I would suggest the sample size is to small at the moment to provide sufficient feedback.

Tyre sidewall height

There is a lot of discussion regarding the the tyre profile, but without taking the width into account it is a rather meaningless discussion point. So when you do that and actually calculate the tyre sidewall height for the front wheel you get the following distribution. Again, it doesn’t seem to be a relevant factor at all.

What is next

The next posts in the series surrounding the statistics will cover;

  • Drivetrain

If you have any other topics you’d like to see covered, please put them in the comment section below.


  1. Robert Harber

    It would be really sensible of Mercedes Benz to listen to their customers.
    I have lost complete confidence in the company.
    sort out the problem and stop trying to treat us
    like a bunch of half witts.

  2. Matt Bryant

    Having been advised by MB some time ago that there was a different compound summer tyre for the 21″ wheels they were recommending as a fix for the crabbing issue, I finally managed to ascertain which brand and derivative they have recommended today….. the exact same tyre I’ve had on the car all along!!! Utter shambles!
    (If anyone’s interested that is Continental ContiSportContact 5 XL – this is however based on information from my local dealer. If anyone has had other summer tyres fitted to the 21’s I’d appreciate if you could share)

  3. Matt

    I’ve just had these tyres fitted from merc Milton Keynes after my crabbing issue on my glc amg43 and it seems to have sorted it!!! Only time will tell but so far so good!! Also feel like there is much less of a lock on the steering… giving me a much better turning circle…. strange that this is all just due to changing tyres.

    • Michael Orozco

      Hi Matt.

      Ive recently purchased a GLC Coupe and it is showing similar problems; i have my car booked in at my local Merc dealership next week; can you confirm if you had to pay for the replacemnet tyres and just to clarify, was it the Multi-season Vredestiens that they replaced them with?

      Kind regards,



    Dealer replaced full set on my GLC 250 last week with multi season Vredestein’s. Seems to have improved the problem although handling doesn’t feel as sure footed as the Pirelli’s originally fitted.

    The Pirelli’s were also shedding large chunks out of their tread too so hoping that new Vredestein’s hold themselves together.

    Interestingly the original N/S Front Pirelli was wearing badly on its outside shoulder so asked dealer to check the geometry whilst the car was in. They checked it and said everything was fine. We shall have to see.

    I have to say that my MB confidence is being severely tested with an air con compressor failure on the hottest day of the year and their finance teams failure to remember to tax it when it was 12 months old.

    Can’t wait for the lease to be up now!!!!!


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