Breaking news: Mercedes UK Acknowledge GLC RHD difference

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Mercedes UK Acknowledges GLC RHD difference

Mercedes UK acknowledges GLC RHD difference. With thanks to a user name Daba from glcforums a document which looks like an internal memo has just leaked. It is clear from this document that Mercedes UK acknowledges GLC RHD differences in their vehicles.

At this moment in time there are still a number of questions unanswered, inter alia;

  • Will Mercedes work on finding a long term fix for this?
  • What does this mean for GLC43 AMG owners on 21″ wheels and tyres who don’t like the 20″ / 19″ wheels?
  • What does this mean for affected C43 and E43 owners, there is no mention of them in the document.
  • What other differences are there between the LHD and RHD market models; our research suggest that there are also different planetary gear sets being used between the markets, but what else?

Us at Mercedes Crabbing Org think this is a positive step, at leat the issue is being acknowledged for a GLC RHD difference. And acknowledgement that there is an issue is the first step to working towards a permanent solution.

Mercedes GLC Forum

Mercedes GLC Forum

24 February 2017

For the attention of Market Area Directors, Sales Directors, After Sales Directors, General Managers, Sales Managers, After Sales Managers, CSU Managers

Dear Colleague

Further to our interim update last week, we are now able to provide a more detailed technical explanation regarding this issue.

Due to the positioning of the front axle differential on right hand drive cars, the steering position differs very slightly compared to left hand drive models. When the steering is on full lock this steering angle difference can result in the front tyre skipping sensation. This is more pronounced during cold weather and when larger wheels and low profile tyres are fitted. 

We can assure you that our technical specialists, as well as independent experts such as DEKRA, concur that the cars remain completely safe to drive.

Fitment of All Season tyres counteracts the sensation. We are therefore securing sufficient stocks of these to provide to customers who find this uncomfortable. 

  • Mercedes-Benz Cars UK will contact GLC customers who have already registered a Compass complaint: 
    • Customers with 17”, 18”, 19” and 20” tyres will be offered a set of All Season tyres (once available) and fitment free of charge
    • For GLC 43 AMG customers who have cars with 21” tyres, a 21” All Season tyre is not currently available. We will offer these customers the option of taking 20” wheels and All Season tyres, or waiting for 21” All Season tyre availability
  • We would ask you to please do the same for GLC customer complaints that you have received and managed locally or for any future GLC complaints about this issue until further notice
  • Please also take the following action for customers who have ordered their car but have yet to take delivery, and for future customers of existing dealer and pipeline stock until further notice:
    • Please make sure they are aware of this characteristic. 
    • Customers proceeding with delivery have the option to take All Season tyres as soon as they are available or to wait and change to them if/when they experience this sensation in Winter 2017/18. 
    • For customers who do not wish to take delivery of their GLC with summer tyres, please offer a courtesy car until the All Season tyres are available for their car.

For all the cases above concerning provision and fitment of All Season tyres, please submit a goodwill claim against damage code 2113800. We will provide updates concerning any interaction we have with your customers, together with availability of the aftermarket All Season tyres and the logistics process involved. 

Yours faithfully

David George                          Sally Jones 

Sales Director                        Customer Services Director 

Mercedes-Benz Cars             Mercedes-Benz Cars


  1. Richard Hall

    Yes, a good first step, but it’s a sticky plaster, I hope they are working on a permanent solution.

    • Bryan knight

      I am being offered a free set of all weather tyres by MBUK to trial which are being sent from Germany and fitted at my dealership free of charge I am not sure this will solve the crabbing issue but I am prepared to trial these tyres and give Mercedes my feedback good or bad but especially with honesty which I think we really haven’t been getting from Mercedes UK watch this space.

      • Ian Mason

        Hi Bryan,
        did this solve the problem. I was thinking to order the GLC 43 but all this is making me rethink to go with the Macan or Audi.

        hope this has worked out for you

      • Ian Mason

        Hi Bryan
        did this solve your problem? I’m thinking to order the GLC 43 but this issue is causing concern so will likely switch to the new SQ5 or Macan

        hope it’s worked out for you

    • Richard Hall

      I can confirm hat the new all season front tyres have started to slide in wet weather on car park circular ramps, exactly the same way the originals started to crab…

      • Jean-Paul De Jong

        Now my replacement tyres are nearly worn again (9k miles) they start doing it again. I think this is purely sticking plaster that temporarily helps to reduce the effect.

  2. John Greenhalgh

    I was the original post on the MBClub site (design4p). I am pleased with all the comments and inputs from everyone. My view now is MB should redesign and change the parts which are causing the problem.

  3. Bill

    Might not be possible given the packaging of the transmission components. A fundermental of vehicle design to achieve true rolling of the front wheels is ‘toe out on turns’. Clearly MB cannot achieve the correct toe out when the vehicle is being steered.

  4. David Andrews

    Hi all, we have just received word that the tyres are to be changed on our GLC250d free of charge.The manager does not state which tyres they are using.I don’t believe different tyres will eradicate the issue but will jump through this hoop and if still unsatisfied will be handing the car back to the dealership.At least a step in the right direction.

    • Allan

      How did you get on did you give the car back
      I’ve had new tyres put on by the dealer it’s stopped the loud noise but still get a deeper noise
      I’ve done 6000 miles can I insist they take it back

      • Andy Thomas

        I have an E43 which is 6 months old. I have been told by my dealership that the crabbing issue is in the air suspension. They are making adjustments and also fitting 4 new tyres. Being done next weeek however not as confident as them it will sort the issue.


      Hi David
      I took delivery of a new GLC in March 2017 and no one at the dealership advised me of this problem . I am discussing handing the car back . Did you get any resolution or did u return the vehicle ?
      Janette A

  5. David Andrews

    Just had word that the tyres on our GLC250d are to be replaced.Waiting on further information but do not believe that this will make a difference to the awful sounds being made.We have to give the dealership/MB a chance to rectify the problem and if not sucessful the car will be going back.

  6. Bev Williams

    I have just declined the offer of the tyres on my glc250d. This will not solve the problem only mask it. I am awaiting a decision from the Motor Ombudsman.

    • Les

      Hello, my GLC 250 is crabbing all over the place with the now common juddering and noise.

      I have been advice to contact the motoring ombudsman to obtain a resolution to this problem.

      Could anyone advise if they have followed this cause of action and the result.




      Hi Bev
      I was sold a new GLC 300 in March 2017 – the dealership did not advise me of the problem . I am not accepting new tyres . What resolution if any did you achieve through the motor ombudsman ?
      Janette A

  7. Matt Bryant

    Hi all,
    I too have received the offer of free all weather tyres for my GLC43 AMG… however they do not have any 21″ currently, so they have offered my a free set of 20″ wheels and tyres. So my choice, either wait or take the 20″. Might sound quite reasonable, but no compensation offer for me having purchased the 21″ in the first place. I’m not sure on the characteristics of all weather tyres, but I’m sure a performance vehicle was not designed to be run on them.

    I asked MB whether a fix was still being investigated, and was told this was the fix, so sorry guys.

    They have paraphrased their DEKRA report regarding the diff:
    “Our findings were that due to the positioning of the front axle differential on right hand drive cars, the steering position differs very slightly compared to left hand drive models. When the steering is on full lock this steering angle difference can result in the front tyre skipping sensation. This is more pronounced during cold weather and when larger wheels and low profile tyres are fitted.”

    This is what my DEKRA engineer told me, however he also said “it is not clear how successful (fitting winter or all season tyres) it would be in preventing premature transmission wear” – no mention of this from MB, as I’m guessing this could make it a safety issue! They have not been forthcoming with the actual DEKRA report at present, but I am continuing my claim with the FOS so hopefully get to see it at some point.

    I agree that fitting the tyres may decrease the ‘crabbing’ effect, but it is masking it. By fitting all weather tyres in summer I guess we will see increased wear compared to a normal tyre – so realistically will be changing tyres at the same rate as we will have to at present. And as soon as the grip has worn down – back comes the ‘crabbing’!

    It’s a really infuriating response in my opinion, especially as MB seem to think that as they’ve not classed it as a safety issue it doesn’t matter, and they are doing us a favour. My very basic understanding of the Consumer Rights Act is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s safety, comfort or something else… the car has an issue which was not advertised prior to sale.

    Best of luck all!

    • John Greenhalgh

      I am in the same situation. I am not happy with a tyre fix when Mercedes have stated that there is a design issue which causes the tyre skipping. All this will continue with whatever tyres are used. The real fault has not been dealt with.

      Please could you make public the DEKRA report if or when you get hold of it. I have requested this report but nothing has arrived yet. Likewise I will do the same.

      I have clearly indicated to my MB dealer that I want a conclusive solution to the issue not just a set of tyres. I am aware that I must give the dealership 8 weeks to offer a (real) solution and then I can take my case to The Motoring Ombudsman TMO.

      • Matt Bryant

        Hi, yes, if I receive the report I will send it in to be posted.

        I seen this morning that MB are recalling some 1m cars worldwide, including 75k in the UK due to engine fires caused by a faulty fuse in starter components. The GLC appears to be included in this, so we may be getting a completely unrelated recall and still no fix!!

  8. Peter Stiles

    I’m about to take my GLC43 into the Merc garage for the first time in 10 days, has anyone suggestions on the best approach to use to ensure that I don’t waste time but ensure my complaint is taken seriously. Even before arriving I’ve had the standard comment that it is a ‘feature’ of the car.

    • TheTownCrier

      I would suggest to refer to the communication from Mercedes Benz as issued to their dealers on 24/2/2017. A copy of it can be found on this site. We would also recommend to confirm all discussions in writing to maintain your own log. Unfortunately we have all been there in the feeling that they don’t take us seriously. Further more I would recommend to invite them to experience it first hand in your vehicle, it seems that it is still being downplayed by many until they actually experience it. The sensation is incredibly difficult to express in words.

  9. Matt Bryant

    Hi all, I’ve now been advised by MB that there is a summer tyre available (on the free switch) with a different compound, which alleviates the skipping/crabbing issue. Whilst I’ve not seen or experienced any results of how it affects the car, it still does not solve he underlying issue, but is preferable to the all-weather tyre option

    • Graham Farnfield

      Hi Matt
      Do you have more details of the tyre they are offering you. Make, model etc.
      Thanks very much

  10. Kevin Williams

    I too have been told this from my local dealer today, I have the 20″ wheels on my GLC250D, I will take them up when available and give them a try but made it clear that I will keep coming back until a complete fix is delivered.

    • Graham Farnfield

      Hi Kevin
      Could you possibly give me more info about the type of tyre they are offering you. Make, model etc.

    • Richard Ziegler

      From the various Mercedes forums it seems that all season tyres aren’t available for most wheel sizes 20″ and above which suggests MB will be supplying specially manufactured non off the shelf aftermarket tyres which will most likely be difficult to get hold of in the future and pricey. My GLC Coupe is only a month old and it has two design fault, one on the steering causing crabbing/skipping and one on the starting system which presents the risk of fire. I moved from Audi to Mercedes I can’t wait to move back again. On my first experience with Mercedes I question their position as a prestige vehicle manufacturer.

      • John Greenhalgh

        The Tyre issue is a cover-up. Mercedes have admitted that the steering/drive design for RHD cars is different to LHD cars and that this is causing the problem. All the unwanted movement in the mechanical parts will still be juddering (unwanted movement) whatever tyres are used. You may, only may, not notice the juddering as much. A redesign of the RHD cars is needed. John

  11. Richard Ziegler

    I’ve asked my local MB dealer a number of times to clarify what aftermarket all season tyres are as per Mercedes latest letter on the issue. Aftermarket may mean that they’re difficult to get hold of in the event of having to replace one following a puncture or when it’s time to replace them due to wear. So far no reply.

  12. Steve Beaton


    I’m about to press the button on a used – Nov 2015 – GLC.

    Test drove in temperatures of 13 degrees (in the UK) and went full lock. Didn’t experience crabbing but suspect it wasn’t cold enough.

    Seems to have Continental tyres on 20″ alloys

    Stated my concerns to the dealership that when it does get colder, crabbing will occur. They said they’d look into the cost – to me – of all weathers (which are in short supply).

    Should I walk away from deal if they don’t offer a replacement free of charge (based on the memo above)?

    • TheTownCrier

      Our suggestion is to walk away from the deal entirely. Forget about this vehicle. What the memo from Mercedes has highlighted is that there is nothing they can do about this other than perform a full redesign of the RHD version of the GLC. The tyres on offer (but they can’t supply any actually and when as a recent owner you want to take them up on the offer it is really hard to deal with them like only the front tyres which is non-sensical on a 4wd vehicle) at best could mask the issue. The fact is that the car will still be doing it underneath but you may not experience it that it is doing it.

  13. Richard Ziegler

    My month old GLC Coupe on 20″ Michelins crabbed a little but nothing like those in the Youtube video’s. I assume UK GLC’s arrive with the same make/model of tyres fitted, if that’s the case they should all crab to the same degree if the steering is set the same on each. It would be interesting to compare steering setup on two GLC’s with the same tyres fitted, one with no crabbing and the other severe crabbing to see if there’s any difference.

  14. David Wojciechowski

    My solicitor has been down the Consumer Rights Act route with the dealer but they and their solicitors are sticking to the party line that there is no fault with the vehicle. My remaining avenue is through the court which could be expensive.

    Is there any appetite on this site for joint legal action? A test case maybe with costs being shared?

  15. Richard Ziegler

    It appears from David Wojciechowski’s post that his MB dealer instructed their solicitor to play Devil’s advocate to see what the response would be. If there’s no fault why don’t LHD GLC’s exhibit the same crabbing issue. I’d love to know how they answer that without acknowledging a design fault on RHD GLC’s.

    • John Greenhalgh

      The defect which has been admitted by Mercedes Benz UK in their letter to dealers i.e. the misalignment of the steering components does contravene the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

      In particular:

      • “Section 9 item (3c): freedom from minor defects” – which is an aspect of the quality of goods.

      Mercedes Benz admit “Due to the positioning of the front axle differential on right hand drive cars the steering position differs very slightly compared to left hand drive models. When the steering is on full lock this steering angle difference can result in the front tyre skipping sensation”

      The issue in question can truly be described as a defect.

      • “Section 9 Explanatory Notes on Section 9: Item 62.Subsection (2) provides that the test of whether or not the quality of the goods is satisfactory is determined by what a reasonable person would consider satisfactory for the goods in question, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances including any description, the price and any public statements by the trader or producer or their representatives, such as statements made in advertisements or on the labels of goods. For example, a lower standard might be expected of cheap or disposable goods in comparison to an equivalent item that cost more or was advertised as being particularly durable”.

      The statement “by what a reasonable person would consider satisfactory”. Clearly me and many other owners consider the Tyre Skipping, Juddering and Clonking not satisfactory. (

      Furthermore, Mercedes Benz UK have also stated “We do accept this is uncomfortable and not something that you would expect from Mercedes Benz”. This is an admission that the Tyre Skipping, Juddering and Clonking is not satisfactory.

      In section 9, Explanatory Notes there is reference above relating to the cost of the item. I understand this to mean an expensive item should be of a higher standard than an equivalent lower priced item.

      Mercedes Benz is a luxury, prestige high priced marque. So Tyre Skipping, Juddering and Clonking when turning is very much, totally unsatisfactory. The £43,000 car should be perfect.

      How many owners are going down the legal route?

      • Clark Bird


    • David Wojciechowski

      Yes exactly, they are bluffing in the hope that I will just accept the offer of replacement tyres and quietly go away.

      I am fully prepared to take this matter to court and confident of a good outcome, however this puts me at considerable financial risk. For that reason I believe a joint action is the best way forward.

      Is anyone up for this?

      • John Greenhalgh

        Yes – I am sure there are a reasonable number of owners who would like to take this step. There must be solicitor or lawyer also an owner and dissatisfied with the car. How should we proceed – through MBClub and here.

  16. Tracy Reid

    I’ve already told my solicitor to proceed to court as MB Finance not accepting rejections even though I actually rejected my coupe last November after owning for only a few weeks. It’s been sat on my drive since December. This was at the time they were saying there was nothing wrong with the cars and it was because I was driving with summer tyres and needed to put winter tyres on. So the one opportunity I had to give them to repair it under the consumer rights act was back then as I was just over 30 days, I’ve tried Financial ombudsman, absolutely useless don’t waste your time, so it’s court for me I’ve had enough

  17. John Greenhalgh

    I think it would be a good idea to wait for the outcome of the DVSA. Then we would have technical information independent of Mercedes Benz. I have looked at the reasons why other cars were recalled, sometime the reason is quite simple and can be easily rectified, unfortunately, in this case it would required a number of component parts to be re-designed. So I think wait for evidence from DVSA. John

  18. Richard Ziegler

    I guess a test case would clarify the legal position regarding whether the crabbing issue which allegedly only exists on RHD GLC’s constitutes a fault in law rather than us trying to interpret the meaning of various acts ourselves. My reservation is cost if we lost the case, how much could I be left out of pocket is dependent on how long MB drag the case on for which couldn’t be quantified up front therefore it potentially presents a large financial risk obviously reduced by more interested parties being involved.

    • John Greenhalgh

      Count me in. I think the idea needs to be a broadcast to interested parties – MBClub etc etc.


        My Mercedes debacle continues. Last week I received an Email from Listers Service Manager saying Mercedes have supplied Vredestein Quatrac 5 225/50/19 extra load 107w tyres for my GLC, my Email response highlighted it actually has 255/50/19 rear and 235/55/19 front fitted. I get no response form the Service Manager to my Email and he books my car in for the tyres to be fitted so I assume the tyre size quoted is an error after all my GLC is on the MB database so they must know the tyre size. Today I take the car to Listers, after 30 mins sitting there assuming the tyres are being fitted the Service Manager walks over and says the tyres supplied by Mercedes are the wrong size. At this stage I’m completely gobsmacked and mention my Email highlighting the size difference the previous week and get no response. After a further hour I get the car back with the original tyres fitted, oh at least I got a freebee car wash.

        To be honest this has completely destroyed what little confidence I had in Mercedes and Listers, I’ve had more crap from them in the two months I’ve owned the GLC than I had from Audi in 10 years, I really just wish I’d stayed with Audi and purchased the new model Q5…..

  19. Andy

    My C43 went in to Mercedes on the 2nd March where Mercedes confirmed that the skipping on my car was “particularly bad”. They told me new tyres needed fitting under warranty but they would need ordering in. Today I called them to be told that they weren’t going to fit tyre as Mercedes haven’t approved and fix for the C43. I was give a number for customer services to call to complain as Mercedes can offer no solution for my car.

    • Richard Ziegler

      That’s strange as reports on and suggest Mercedes have fitted all season(AS) tyres on C43’s to ease the crabbing issue. I believe there may be a problem acquiring rear AS tyres for the larger wheel sizes.

  20. john mcninch

    I traded my 1 year old 250 d AMG line GLC in today and will never buy another MB again and will do my utmost to convince anyone thinking of buying one to look at other brands first , to date I have been successful in convincing one prospective buyer to look elsewhere . I am not convinced by MB that this is not a safety issue , my front tyres were almost bald after only 6,500 miles .

    • alan betts

      I have had a new Q5 for the last 3 years, and have ordered a new GLC C220d AMG Line, I had not seen this beforehand, so will be intrested when mine arrives, bearing in mind I have done over 107k miles in my Q5 without issue, and only 2 sets tyres

      • Roy Simpson

        Alan buy another Q5 I regret buying my GLC 250 and I will never buy another Mercedes as long as I live. Not only do they lie to you the after sales is very poor and complaint until your blue in the face you will not win with them.

  21. Matt Bryant

    I just posted this on a different thread, but may be better off here…
    Having been advised by MB some time ago that there was a different compound summer tyre for the 21″ wheels they were recommending as a fix for the crabbing issue, I finally managed to ascertain which brand and derivative they have recommended today….. the exact same tyre I’ve had on the car all along!!! Utter shambles!
    (If anyone’s interested that is the Continental ContiSportContact 5 XL – this is however based on information from my local dealer. If anyone has had other summer tyres fitted to the 21’s I’d appreciate if you could share, thanks)

  22. Jim

    Has anyone any update since April. I am looking at a new GLC and the dealer has said that all weather tyres solves the problem and will be changed for me in the winter. I have also been told that they would change them now if I wanted.
    Should I buy?

  23. John

    Hi guys.

    It’s been a while. What’s the update on this crabbing issue now?

  24. Zee

    Hi everyone.. I’m conscious that there haven’t been any follow up comments for over 3 months.

    I’ve stumbled across this issue as I’m interested in buying a GLC myself with 20in wheels.

    1. Do I take it as no news is good news and that all season tyres have resolved the crabbing issue?

    2. What’s the latest on MB acknowledging this defect? Are they still replacing customers’ tyres free of charge since that memo went out in Feb?

    3. Did the crabbing / juddering sound only happen on full lock of the steering wheel or was it present on half turn?

    4. Would I be completely mad to consider a GLC altogether? I’m secretly hoping someone tells me the all season tyres rectified the issue. It’s a gorgeous car!

    • Peter Stiles

      I’ve owned the 43AMG since last September, due to the crabbing a would strongly advise against buying. To add to the issue MB and the local dealership have been awful. Suggestion – buy something else

      • John Greenhalgh


        I have had a GLC from New an put up with the unethical action from MB UK together with their lies. I have changed the tyres to recommended by MBUK and the car still clonks in turns especially on my gravel driveway. I wish I had not purchased the b****** thing. – Very disappointed.

        • Jean-Paul De Jong

          Sorry to hear. You are not alone, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it any better….It will get worse when winter kicks in…

        • Roy Simpson

          you and me both I have had my GLC 250 PPLUS with 20″ wheels.
          I have had the warranty tyres changed and no difference

  25. Matt Bryant

    I have owned my GLC43 since December, and the issue aside I love the car, and I’m still running the original wheels and tyres.
    I had wanted to opt for the summer tyre replacement from MB – which it turns out is a BMW own contisport5 tyre! However MB would only give me the front tyre replacement and not rear despite 7k mileage through them. Therefore I decided to take them up on option B) the 20″ AMG alloys and all-weather tyres! So no to just 4 tyres, but got 4 wheels out of it as well. So, I currently have these sitting at home and looking to sell them! Once the temp starts dipping I am going to switch to the recommended summer tyre on my 21″ so will let you know how that goes. Bearing in mind the average winter temperature here isn’t that low summer tyres are more than adequate for the majority of the time.
    But as we all know the masking of the issue will only last a couple of thousand miles or so. But, once everyone gets to this point we have a case against MB as their fix didn’t fix the problem.

    • Jean-Paul De Jong

      Matt, I’ve now done about 9k miles on those BMW SportContact 5 tyres. They’ve been mainly good, but now they are getting near to worn they start doing it again even at 25 degrees. I did get Mercedes to change all 4 tyres for me as there was no way on an AMG I’d have different tyres front to back. I can’t believe they even suggest that, they tried it for me as well.

  26. Richard Ziegler

    I’m based in the UK my GLC Coupe AMG Line 250D came with run flats which didn’t crab much but I took MB up un their offer of replacement tyres and had Vredestein all weather fitted which are slightly better. As much as I like my GLC I won’t be buying Mercedes again due to their continual denial that there is anything wrong with the RHD GLC and when they agreed there is something wrong they stuck a plaster over it with the all weather tyre offer. Evidence suggests the all weather tyres are wearing far to quickly due to suppressing the crabbing fault and Mercedes appear to have no intension of rectifying the design fault that’s causing the crabbing. I have four 19in Mercedes MOE Continental LX Sport Run Flat tyres with less than 1000 miles on them if anyones interested.

    • Steven B

      I’m also in the UK, received my GLC 22d (19″ AMG wheels) at the beginning of Summer. Started noticing the crabbing as the colder weather started to set in.

      I received my 6 month curtesy call from MBUK and told them about the issue and they booked me in for tyre replacement next week. Obviously not thrilled, as I understand that this isn’t really fixing anything, just masking the issue. My car currently has Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 tyres, which appear to be Performance summer tyres.

  27. Ash

    Folks, need some advice. I booked an new stock car Glc AMG with Lookers Gatwick. I refused to sign the waiver after I learnt about the crabbing problem. I have cancelled the order and was told will get a refund £1,000. It’s been 4 weeks and still waiting, I was told I will only a refund after the stock car gets sold. Is this normal procedure? I want to kick off a complaint with MB, as I could be waiting for months for their inability to sell the car.

    • Jean-Paul De Jong

      It is only my opinion, but I don’t think that is on. It is not like you’ve changed you mind. No reasonable person would expect to have to sign such a waiver, especially not after the deposit was paid. I’m no lawyer but I think Booker is skating on very thin ice. I would send them a letter of demand and include interest with the paid and lay out how much interest you would charge. In order to remain fair I’d look up how much HMRC charges these days and stick to the same daily interest rate.

    • Roy Simpson

      Ash this is totally out of order if you are not happy with the waiver then you are right to ask for a refund as it wasn’t part of the sale.
      I would go into the dealership and ask for my deposit back at the top of my voice so that everyone could hear they will soon move you on with your £1000Roy Simp

      • Mick

        My expensive 350d has just this week started crabbing although full lock steering was previously woolly and noisy. This cannot be safe!

        Had both X3 and q5 previously and no such issues. Appalled by Mercedes response from what I have read on here.

        Any advice on how best to handle ?

      • M Luke

        I have just spoken to Mercedes UK Customer Services and explained the issues I have with My GLC, i.e. crabbing and the damage caused to my block paved drive. I have been reporting the crabbing for over a year, despite having all weather tyres. I was given the stock answer regarding tyres and cold weather. When I mentioned the letter displayed on your site and its content, I was told it could not be relied on, as it was posted on the internet.
        I have also had a problem since purchase with the front offside tyre loosing significant pressure over a period of a few months. My dealership have examined the tyre on several occasions and can find no fault. However it is the front nearside tyre only and as I turn right across my drive and slightly uphill, this is where a significant amount of crabbing takes place. I believe that this is causing the loss of pressure and surely this is a safety issue and not a comfort issue

  28. Richard

    I’ve had enough of being ripped off and conned by Mercedes Benz. Rather than risk the potential devaluation of my GLC Coupe 250d AMG Line Premium Plus as the steering design issue becomes more widely acknowledged I’ve escaped and got a decent P/Ex deal on the new model Audi SQ5 spec’d much the same as the GLC. I maintain that the new tyre offer by MB was the cheap way out and only masks the design fault. The isn’t the behaviour expected of a prestige brand, goodbye Mercedes Benz and good riddance. The only way to hit Mercedes is to hurt their pocket and reputation by taking our business elsewhere.

  29. Lynn

    Very interested in comments re tyres & starter battery. I have 2 cars a GL250d (done 8300mls) & C250d convertible (870mls). Love both cars BUT problems with starter battery failing to keep charge on both. This week offered change to all- weather tyres for GLC (awaiting arrival) & given new battery. Driver who collected my car said he’d driven a lot of cars with the crabbing problem but mine was the worst. The noise is horrendous. Occurs with only a slight lock & worse on near side tyre. Since reading these comments feel I need to take a more positive action & record all conversations. No criticism of my dealer at present.

  30. Dee perkins

    I submitted my claim for the crabbing issue to my Mercedes dealership early this week – as I’d planned to go to my local tyre dealership but started reading some of the comments online. On the same day they referred me to my local dealership so that I could undergo a test drive to prove that the crabbing issue existed – Both dealerships admitted that it was probably the problem and the test drive would submit the results so that Mercedes could confirm the replacement tyre order. Test drive was completed on Friday – I only had to turn on the engine and reverse (!) as the sound was very apparent – and later that day the dealership confirmed that Mercedes accepted that they would provide new tyres (not sure which ones yet), but the service for me has been great. They also had to change the battery in one of the keys as the replacement battery notice appeared ( Jan 2017 car and battery already gone??). However I’ll whether the great service is maintained and the new tyres solve the problem…if not, I’ll follow up as those of you above have been doing.

  31. Geoff Bridger

    I have this crabbing/skipping problem on my GLC 250 Sport with off road package option, running on Yokohama 235/60 18″ tyres, I have contacted dealership and they have booked car in for the 29th December for “further investigation”. I will post result as soon as I obtain it.

  32. Jeremy Morgan

    Heads up – I spoke to MB Customer Service yesterday. Apparently, Mercedes Benz now have a 2-year/19,000 mile cut-off policy on claims for free All-Season replacement tyres.

  33. Steven

    Hi can anyone advise what action to take at my local dealership the noise is really bad when turning feels like something has snapped, I was going to just put up with it but I have seen all this now on internet only got 1500 miles on clock and outside of front tyres are worn, have Merced’s acknowledged this is a problem

    • Michael south

      I have just given up and took my GLC back to the dealer, I am now on a list to see if I qualify for the all season tyre change after 7300 miles completed an nearly crashing into a new Porsche when parking at less than 3 mph ,

  34. Ken Thomas

    I purchased my GLC 220 AMG Premium back in August 2017 it was used with 4000 miles on the clock. We then set of off to Spain for two months. During our trip we experienced no crabbing or noise issues despite having to park in a tight underground car park which required full lock turns, however since we returned home at the end of October we have started to experience these “crabbing” issues and last week when we had the snow….the car was useless on car parks, sliding and making horrible grinding noises, now having read all these comments posted here I know why! So my conclusion is…it` a cold weather issue for sure, any way we are off to Spain again in January so I will see if the problem goes away, subject to the results I will be on to my local Mercedes dealer for their excuses!

    • Con

      Just bought a GLC43 and evident there was a problem, Dealership admitted an issue and said they would ask Mercedes for a ‘goodwill voucher’ to replace tyres and wheels – I had the 21in wheels for which there were no tyres. Didn’t think this was good enough for a prestige dealer with a reputation for engineering – this was an AMG model ! – and I really can’t see different tyres, which will need replacing annually, and choice unlikely, would sort out an engineering problem ? Its a shame as generally the car wasn’t that bad. This will run and run and lead to excessive depreciation of this model, so will be looking to the Consumer Rights Act to get a refund, unless Mercedes can come up with much better off.

  35. Eddie Davies

    I purchased a GLC 250d Sport in June 2017 and have only just experienced the fault when I turned out of my driveway
    with a lock on. I heard and felt the clonk and wondered what had happened. I was preparing for a 220 mile journey to
    Wales and was worried whether I should go so I rang Service Department at Mercedes, Brooklands. They explained
    this fault and assured me there was no safety issue and told me I would get replacement tyres all round which would
    resolve the problem when they receive them.
    I understand this fault and also one relating to the airbag were known well before we purchased our car
    so had I known this before I made the purchase I would never have bought this car. I feel conned over this sale and
    will enquire with the authorities whether we are entitled to return this vehicle and get our money back.!!!!

  36. Eddie Davies

    I suggest you keep a record of the. actual words of complaint and comments you make here as my previous message has been scrutinised and altered with words taken out to suit MB explanation.

    • TheTownCrier

      Not sure we understand you comments. Can you please elaborate on them?

      • Eddie. Davies

        Certain words I included have been omitted from my reply, indicating it has been censored . I began by saying I am another Mercedes mug, they knew of the problems before I bought my car but did’nt tell me, also when I made my complaint to the Service Department they were immediately aware and just offered replacement tyres to resolve the matter. They did’nt explain the mammoth problem this for all the vehicle owners In the long term. — Mercedes should recall all these cars and perform proper solutions like refunds.

        • TheTownCrier

          Eddie, what words from what reply where have been edited? We can assured you that there is no editing of any replies going on here. The only thing that is happening is that first posts have to be reviewed as we don’t want any defamation or libel statements being made. Furthermore there is a healthy dose of spam that gets removed. But absolutely no editing happening of posts.

  37. Alister Storey

    My C220 AMG Convertible 4shatic that we took delivery of 2 weeks ago is in with Bolton Mercedes today, car is a 17 plate with just under 9k on the clock, running on AMG 19″ as standard. They have come back with the standard response of I need to put winter tyres on it. The car has previously been with Mercedes Colindale since it was registered, shoulder of nearside front tyre is totally worn, even though it has been driven from April thru the summer so skipping is obviously a problem whenever. I’m now pursuing the issue through Mercedes Customer Assistance Centre – they are contacting both Colindale & Bolton MB…………will persist!!


    I’m 81 years old and bought my GLC 250d Coupe in June 2017.
    Friends of mine of similar age are alarmed when they ride in the vehicle. I thought this car would be comfort for my old age and the last new car I would be buying but I can’t tolerate this. Owners talk about legal action yet no-one has come forward to take it on. Anybody willing ?

  39. Nigel O

    Just to add to everyone elses woes. I had a full set of Vredestein all weather tyres provided free of charge. Over the Christmas break I was forced over in the outside lane of a dual carriageway by a total **** and ended up damaging both offside tyres……try getting replacements no one stocks them including your local dealership. The car is still drivable all be it I should not be as there are 2 tennis ball sized bulges in the wall of the tyre from where I hit the kerb,one on each tyre, and they could blow any moment. What do you do if you have a puncture hire a car until while they try and get a spare from Holland ???

  40. Graham Fenton

    Not seen any mention of my type of car. i have a C 220 4 matic with amg styling. Took the car to one of the dealers (not where i purchased it from) and they have said there is a problem on the GLC range and tyres are being replaced for free. they havent heard of the problem on the C class. emailed and called the dealer where i got the car from. ignoring emails and when i call they are always ‘with a customer’got the car on mercedes finance and going to see if i can send it back. i have had loads of mercedes in the past and never had an issue like this. unhappy customer… never again

  41. Mark Bohun

    I’m having replacement tyres fitted on my C43 this week as a gesture of good will allegedly, i’ll report back if it improves the crabbing which has progressively got worse in all temperatures not just cold
    My car has been in the garage 7 times since purchasing it in Sept 2017 for a series of faults , they’ve replaced many parts but not solved the core problem ,The dealer is being professional and trying to help but the saga continues

    I rejected the car directly to Mercedes in Milton Keynes and asked for a replacement , this has been dismissed by Mercedes
    I wrote to Gary Savage twice and only received a standard CEO office response saying someone from AMG would contact me which they never did.
    Appalling customer service from a brand which states on it’s advertising ” Of course, some things have to be experienced to be truly appreciated, such as the qualities that set a Mercedes-Benz apart”

  42. Mike Bull

    I purchased a GLC in November 2017, the vehicle had been owned by Mercedes of Manchester, it had 5K on the clock. I was not made aware of any issue regarding the crabbing issue. During December, which is when we started to use the vehicle it was immediately obvious that we had the ‘disease’, so much so my wife will not drive the vehicle, despite reassurance. So far I have submitted a customer complaint to Mercedes which has resulted in a poor response back, admittedly they have agreed to change the tyres, but from what I read this is just a ‘plaster’ fix. There has been a suggestion that the tyres ‘might’ be available as late as the end of Feb, but cannot be certain ? I have spoken with the governments ombudsman and they have agreed to take the case on, along with many others ! I have also spoken with the original dealer to ask why this wasn’t dealt with prior to the sale of the car, particularly in light of the fact that Mercedes still owned the vehicle, but we have not had a reply despite the excellent sales service received, they just don’t call back ……

    So in a nut shell, we are out on a limb, no after sales, no communication ….. we are truly left with the monkey in our lap ! we have to paddle our own canoe !

    This is not the experience we ever expected from Mercedes, far from it, you do not deserve the image and reputation when you treat customers in this manner, why on earth you cannot put your hands up and reassure customers that you intend providing a retrospective fix I do not know ….. of course, I get it, its not a safety issue is it !! mmmm 50% of the vehicles traction is lost through no fault of the driver, unless of course you want to blame us for driving the car !, I would never ever knowingly buy a vehicle from any manufacturer with such a fundamental issue as this. Maybe Mercedes need to reassess their development testing programme when bringing new products to market, this to us is a fundamental error and should have been detected and dealt with as a priority. It seems to me that unless your issues are safety related then manufacturers can behave like this, utterly arrogant, meanwhile the people that keep them in such a good place, the customer, are forgotten and most definitely not listened to.

  43. Rob Mason

    I want to buy a new SUV and am test driving a GLC, Audi Q5 and BMW X3 next week. Luckily, I have read all about the crabbing issue before it is too late and will probably buy a Q5 now. No wonder I could get a 20% discount off a new GLC. I hope everyone that has a GLC manages to get the problems resolved. Mercedes should be ashamed of themselves. If it affected LHD models I think they would have sorted it by now, as the RHD market is much smaller they think they can get away with it.

  44. Rodney

    So I have just taken delivery 4 days ago of my new GLC 350 D AMG line and it is clear to me that the problem exists first noticed when reversing today announced by a loud clonk. No one at the dealership mentioned this when the car was ordered in October 2017. What realistically should I do particularly in view of the obvious volume of complaints. I feel at this stage that a refund would be appropriate. Doubtless Mercedes will not agree.

    • TheTownCrier

      Unfortunately legally you can only demand one in the first 30 days. Did you report it in the first 30 days of ownership? If not, then you will rely on good will.

  45. Rob Mason

    I test drove the 3 cars above and I must admit that the GLC did not crab when parking it, although it was on all season tyres. I wrote to the salesman and explained that I would not be buying a GLC due to what I’d read about the crabbing issue and that I was very disappointed with the way MB was treating those customers who had purchased cars affected by the crabbing issue. I also asked him to pass on my comments to MB and to say that they are losing sales due to this. I was very surprised that the salesman didn’t even write back to me to defend MB. I am going to order an Audi Q5 tomorrow, although had it not been for the crabbing I may have purchased a GLC.
    Hopefully, losing customers may be at least one way to hit MB where it hurts. As many owners as possible should try to publicise the issue , although that may then make it more difficult to sell on a GLC in future….between a rock and a hard place I’m afraid.
    Good luck to everyone with an affected car.

    • TheTownCrier

      Thank you 🙂 It is exactly that that many of us find most frustrating. Sure defects can happen, but it is the lack of care by Mercedes and AMG that is just astonishing. Only earlier in January another service representative started to accuse me of causing the problem myself. I mean what is wrong with these people.


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Dear Gary, I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. I have a new GLC Mercedes 250d which has had this fault from the outset. The noise has been so loud that I initially thought I had collided with something! Banging, jumping and clunking in a supposedly premium...

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Mr Savage, I have done a video for your attention:


I probably don't need to go into to much detail with the fault that I have with my GLC as you probably know that already what I am surprised at is the treatment of an awful lot of your unhappy customers and the lack of understanding from a supposed blue chip company ....

Neil Shorter

Dear Gary Like many others I feel that Mercedez is not treating their customers with respect in connection with the crabbing issue at low speeds. I purchased a GLC AMG line in September last year and it has has a number of issues including having the COMAND system...

Vincent Goldie

I purchased what I thought was a luxury car in the GLC Coupe a month ago. The crabbing 'characteristic' is horrendous. It feels terribly unsafe and it's hugely embarrassing. It is also causing excessive tyre wear and the problem is getting progressively worse over...


My C43 Coupe is my fourth Mercedes (2 x C350 and 1 x E400 Cabriolet before) and all have made slight graunching noises on full lock. My C43 is by far the worst though (loudest and skips 2-3 inches sideways across road surface - never had that before). Mercedes are...

Lilian & Tony McKenzie

Dear Gary, The low speed juddering, bouncing, knocking and crabbing experienced in our GLC is disgraceful. We are embarrassed to take friends and family out in our new £47k MB GLC because at low speed it drives like a tractor, passengers think we have a puncture or a...

Trevor ‘Toobad’

Having earned the accolade of Business Leader of the Year 2016, you must be fully aware of the saying "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." I have dreamt all my life of owning a prestige car and it has taken over 40 years of hard work and...


Having purchased the GLC sport in November 2015, probably one of the first in the UK ,I am surprised at the attitude from Mercedes towards the crabbing problem. To call this a "characteristic" of the vehicle is completely wrong and when parking in tight spaces or when...

Mike Turner

Dear Gary, Take a nice new shiny one from one of your forecourts and drive it out of a parking space on full lock like I do every time I take mine out. Then tell me this 'characteristic' is what you'd expect having paid £40k + for a car. Quite frankly your dealers are...

Mark Gooda

Disappointed is an understatement, this is not tyre related - the abuse of the intelligence of us existing owners in this respect is shocking. Seriously, a waiver on delivery for new owners to sign. Somewhat farcical. Treat us existing owners with the care we deserve...

Jean-Paul de Jong

Dear Gary Savage, We remember it like the day of yesterday when I ordered the replacement of our beloved GL class Mercedes. I went to Sytner in Milton Keynes where I purchase my previous Mercedes Benz, and Karyn assisted me just like she done before. My wife and...