Dear Gary, I am an extremely dissatisfied customer. I have a new GLC Mercedes 250d which has had this fault from the outset. The noise has been so loud that I initially thought I had collided with something! Banging, jumping and clunking in a supposedly premium quality vehicle cannot legitimately be described as a characteristic. The car is faulty. Given my age and the infirmity of my husband, the impact of this fault is intolerable. I note that Mercedes are now getting prospective new buyers to sign a waiver that they are aware of the tyre skipping. I was not made aware of this problem at the point of purchase and do not consider my car to be of an acceptable quality. This issue causes me to feel uneasy in my car and unsafe. That is simply not a characteristic of a luxury car! It is insulting of Mercedes to label it as such in a shameful attempt to negate responsibility for this problem. I would be happy with a substantive repair of the problem or a full refund. Yours sincerely Lorraine Bailey