Official Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver

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Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver

Over the past few days it has come to the attention of Mercedes Crabbing that Mercedes-Benz UK dealers are requesting prospective buyers of the Mercedes GLC to sign a Mercedes tyre skipping waiver. Mercedes-Benz retailers are requesting new buyers to sign a declaration that their vehicle may experience a characteristic known as “tyre skipping”.

Something we at Mercedess Crabbing refer to as “crabbing”.

I understand and agree that I have been fully informed by my Retailer that my car registration: [left blank]    may experience a characteristic known as “tyre skipping”.


At we initially learned the rumours trough concerned prospective owners. Then we were send a photograph of the Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver. However we still considered it as unconfirmed as there was no letterhead involved.

However today we have been forwarded in confidence the official Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver. A declaration to be signed and dated by prospective Mercedes-Benz UK vehicle owners. As can be seen by the download attached to this blog post; this waiver is on full Mercedes-Benz UK letterhead paper and complete with official Mercedes-Benz UK branding.

In order to protect our source, and the dealer involved we have made the decision to redact any dealer specific details of this Mercedes-Benz Tyre Skipping Waiver.

So what happened to Mercedes-Benz being renowned for comfort and luxury? These vehicles are so bad that Mercedes-Benz has to inform its prospective customers about this ‘characteristic’.

Unfortunately, there are many current Mercedes GLC, and C class 4MATIC owners who have to suffer this daily and are not only being ignored by Mercedes-Benz when requesting service, but also were not warned prior to purchase that these cars skip, crab, jump, and judder. Not something anyone would reasonably expect when buying a Mercedes-Benz.

Tyre skipping means that , at low speeds, and under certain steering conditions, the car may experience slight juddering.


I acknowledge that this is a characteristic of the car and is not an issue which will comprise safety.


Whilst Mercedes-Benz has now at least made an effort to warn prospective buyers through the Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver, no attempts have been made by Mercedes-Benz UK, nor its retailers to pro-actively contact its existing customers. On the contrary, not only have complaints fallen on deaf ears, requests to investigate by its retailers are not being carried out.

No existing owner has been warned of this ‘characteristic’ prior to purchase of the vehicle. No current owner was presented with such a Mercedes Tyre Skipping Waiver. And no current owner was informed at the point of sale that if they do not want their vehicles to skip, crab, judder or jump that they will have to buy another vehicle.


In 1886, we invented the motor car. We’ve been re-inventing it ever since.


I understand that, in certain weather conditions, such as colder temperatures, the characteristics may become more prominent. My Retailer has fully explained this characteristic to me.


It should be noted that it has come to our attention that this “characteristic” is not just limited to the GLC.

There are many confirmed reports from C-class 4MATIC drivers, and now, in recent reviews of the new E43 AMG it was also observed by the motoring press.

Mercedes-Benz continues to refer to this matter as a comfort issue and not an issue which will compromise safety. Well as we are owners of these vehicles we can confirm it is incredibly uncomfortable, the juddering is anything but slight, it also occurs in double digits temperatures, and not-just at low speeds but also when parking, navigating mini-roundabouts, and turning into T-junctions.

But more worryingly. There are increasing reports being generated regarding excessive tyre wear where the legal limit is reach in just 4,000 miles. Yet Mercedes-Benz and its retails keep saying this is a characteristic and is not an issue which will comprise safety.

Mercedes-Benz refuses to fix crabbing problem on GLC and GLC Coupe

During December we received ten separate reports of Right Hand Drive Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLC Coupes making an “awful noise” when significant lock is applied. The standard tyre sizes for the AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe are 235/55R19 front and 255/50/R19 rear.

Mercedes-AMG E43 Estate: Driven

Lazy cliches are the bane of any car review and to be avoided at all costs. So at no point in this story will you hear me refer to the E43 estate as a load lugger or praise its abilities in this regard. Except there, where I just did.

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